Thursday, October 22, 2009


Yet another exam gone..whatever it is, i tried my best..:) but who is ever satisfied with the best? we are never satisfied with anything, no its 'i' am never satisfied..huhu~

Orait, now back to the really important news! im going back Malaysia in NOVEMBER..weehoooo~~ on the second week but only for 3 days..but thats good enough..woohoo~~ i can't wait to meet my family and friends too! we have to go out!! must! it wasn't that easy getting the tickets, there was a problem with the payment and i was so worried the price will increase.but now that's happie :D

btw, have you ever heard of a dog bread called chow chow..well, if i ever get to take care of a dog, i would most certainly want it to be a chow chow..:), actually i got influenced by martha stewart and her dog paw paw which passed away di..:( , i might just name my future dog 'paw paw'.hehe, its like a fluffy teddy bear.

the owner painted the chow chow, panda color..omg~, i hope there's no pain involved~ there shouldn't be..

p/s: facebook reveals secrets..good n bad..

Sunday, October 18, 2009

adios acrylic~

ok, the topic says it all..resin acrylic stimulation for base of denture has been passed up successfully after 6 weeks~ weeee! Im thankful that i was able to pass it up on time with approval from the lecturer.

To all dentist friends, who may have trouble polishing your resin acrylic..there is a manual, or somewhat traditional way to polish rather than using the machine..and IT WORKS! haih, 4 hours vs 10 mins using the traditional way..which one u want? my votes go to alternative methods..
well, someone thought me this, get a piece of A4 paper and pour out a substantial amount of gypsum (like a pile of gypsum), then place your acrylic in the pile of gypsum and rub it with gypsum.pretend the gypsum is water..just rub and rub..mann! it shines like kaca or maybe shiny-er. :D (chooo happie) hope this helps whoever that needs it..BUT this does not mean the machine is not good, i just haven't got the hang of it yet..aha!

Friday, for cross culture i learnt a lot..from everyone and especially ashley who was preaching. Kudos!it was about worship but the phrase that i remember most is 'everytime u want to say something, mean it!'.don't just say something for the sake of saying it, if that's the case, don't say anything at all~ i strongly 'LIKE' this..don't just say stuff, u don't mean. thank you very much.

p/s: ahh! its the week again..cepat pisan.. but here goes..charge!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


okay! i just realised why i'm so tired.fuh..too much activities di, kinda suffocating. there are so many events in just one week~ but it was worthwhile, everything planned well, executed well by everyone~ kudos! life's gonna be back to normal soon~ :)

First was the malaysian orientation, OSPEK malaysia~

malaysia students 09~ (dennis see lah, whichever u want, i will promote u, aha)

fasilitators yang mantap-s!!

Malam Penutup Maksimal (maaf zahir batin~)

Then it was OPEN HOUSE BATCH 08.. makanan sedap giler lah~


open house~

Then there was Deeparaya celebrationg for FKG( Fakultas Kedokteran Gigi) - pics will be up later~
and Nirosha's birthday celebration, happy birthday again mama niro~xoxo :D

and visit to Ganesha's Temple, its such a relaxing place, i cant explain the feeling. i felt the presence, learnt so much about hinduism in just 30 minutes, thanks suga n niro, for the hinduism 101~ it was a most pleasurable second time visit~ would love to dress up and go again! =)

and guitar class~, yeaps u heard me right! im giving guitar lessons wei, hebat tak? aha.. actually im still learning myself, i hope i don't end up being the 'blind' leading the 'blind'..huhu~ im teaching indonesian friends some skills that i dont even know whether i have~ i will try my best to teach ya~ i'm seeking help from some pro players~
since im teaching guitaring, i've always when i will be getting some purple guitaring stuff~ hehe!, i have the typical guitar, the wood color ones,(so boring ah) i want a purple one~ not now, but in the future if my interest in guitars don't die off, that is..but now still high spirited about it!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


well, i have been m.i.a for a few days now..
just finished orientation for new students 09 last so proud of group 19, they strived on although we were lost, and won the entire amazing race..aww, such a nice feeling~ :D
Moral of the story: when everything seems to go wrong, there's always a better ending in the end. come on!
now! preparing for an exam on growth and development this friday.
oh ya~ i promised to refrained myself from any self indulgence and entertainment with some of my friends due to the sufferings everyone was going through including the earthquakes' but i guess im gonna have to break it soon~ i will try to last as long as i can..I don't know is watching youtube video's a form of entertainment, if its a yes, then i have been breaking the promise since the promise started :S does that still count as a promise? aha..
i want to share a video by girls generation.its super duper cute..:)