Thursday, March 25, 2010


dental stone collection of impressions..:D ( its the same person)

one complete set with bite registration, without basis yet

tools used in the process~
sorry for leaving this blog for so long..i have been very busy with labs. its so hard to describe, just BUSAYYY..and next week is going to be a slight blunder, as we have exams and classes will carry on as normal..YAY...NOT!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Family! :)

without family im no one.correct? well this story is for them..
first of all, MUMMY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! its ur *toot* year old birthday but to me, you will always be my mum that i can depend on, my mum that suprises me with your actions, my mum that never leaves me stranded, my mum that always thinks about my wellbeing although i can be a pain in the arse at times, my mum that shares my pain and sorrow, my mum that hopes for the best in anything i do~ My mum that is always there~~ :)
I hope you had a great birthday! I wished i was there to celebrate it with you~~
the next one is for my sis~LYN!
if you ever wanted to know i have never doubted a slight bit in your abilities to study, you seem very calm and relaxed but i know that's just the way you do things, different people have different ways and i wished i was a little bit more like you..:) This is to congratulate you for your SPM results~ you did great! and i am so proud of stop doubting yourself and start living out of your shadow k.
not to forget DADDY! i miss you too! yes i do..huhuhuhu~ sometimes i just wish i could fly~ so we all wont be apart~

p/s: i wished i was back home :'(