Sunday, May 25, 2008

the cicak

before i forget the wonderful memories i had in college (since someone claimed i hav short and long term memory) i would definitely like to blog it for those who still remember, they can have a laugh or 2 and to refresh those who have forgotten.

Story 1
The CICAK incident:
It was like any normal day in college. Just finished bio class and was walking back to hostel in lightning speed to have an appointment with my laptop..Unlocked the door and opened it to find a cold blooded creature with eyes, tail, mouth everthing on my room wall..Panic.quickly checked again whether it was true or not..and it was really a cicak on the wall..big one summore.OMG..was thinking fast what to do (even thought of goin to my friends room in block D to stay for the night).clever enough i went to knock doors instead..waking up my neighbour,kerry who was kinda sleeping but i didnt care..ran all the way to daphne's room to ask her to get out and come to my
both of them came in a slow manner but after a lot of screaming they were wide awake..the cicak was running everwhere and jumping here and there..everytime it jumped it was followed by a scream..den we all turned into 'house movers'..coz we could not find the cicak, so we were moving furniture out of the by one - chair, books, boxes under the bed, 3 storey shelf and my bed turned 90 degrees.kerry found another lizard behind the notice board but it was dead.(room infested with lizards)at last after taking of the bedsheet off the bed, the cicak jumped on the floor( was hiding in the bed sheet which is on the bed wer i sleep)..screams could be heard yet again..daphne jumped up my 2 level bed while kerry was squatting to see wer the cicak was..daphne rolled a piece of newspaper and attempted to shoo the cicak ran from corner to corner until finally into the middle of the room..'heroic' kerry went for it with a broom..while i was in her room with the door almost closed and running out just to see everything was ok onot ( canot blame me i was petrified)
kerry actually used the broom and gave force to the lizard till it reached maximum momentum and flew..and fell down to the ground floor..but it didnt die.we do not kill!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

itz been 5 months already..since i finished my terrigible course of pre-university..crazzieee!
time flies and between that 'looong' time period i have been
  • working in 2 dental clinics
  • getting enough sleep (sleeping more hours than a pig - no snoring tho)
  • eating good food at home and my aunts home
  • missing spicy tomyam
  • went 4 HKU interview in HK
  • applying for universities all over the world
  • worrying bout my future
  • working in Melaka
  • loving my free internet line
  • hanging out wit older ppl tat talk bout $$$
  • missing u

first n not my last

well..i created a new old blog will be 'out of service' now..
i felt like starting a my old blog was linked to friendster and itz not a place where i signed in often nowadays..
This blog is to prove to:
- Felix & jenny that i can blog..:P
- friends that this is my cut& paste, no edits and no turning back.
- ruyi who owes me a 'bucket' of Haagen dazs ice cream
- me that im juz ME