Monday, July 22, 2013

' We are the people' Concert (ZUMBA)

Hey hey hey Zumba! Aicaramba! Well, mum was in Bandung for 3 days a month ago for a Zumba Fitness Concert. I always travelled with my mum for conferences but not a concert, so i was actually shocked by her decision. She is really into Zumba, unlike me, she is really fit. Im just lucky to have inherited an awesome gene to prevent me from getting fat. *owh yeah! hope it lasts* Mum came at a wrong time actually as i was having a major exam the next day after she went back. So, i was really worried which kinda affected the mood of the trip. Nonetheless, we enjoyed ourselves with shopping at Rumah Mode and eating everywhere.

The concert was a fitness concert, unlike performing concerts where you sit back and enjoy, in this concert we were exercising as well. The instructors were David Velez ZES and Maria Browning ZES. The songs used in Zumba are so catchy and nearly all the steps are easy to follow. They even have a punjabi fused song which made everyone even more excited or was it just me? :P
I don't have a good stamina, but i did the whole routine in this concert which lasted for almost 2 hours. I had an adrenaline rush i guess, being all excited, as i woke up the next day feeling sore all over. :D. I had difficulty with the belly dance incorporated with the butt vibration. HAHA! if it wasn't that dark, i think the person behind me would have had a good laugh at my belly dancing skills. pheww! thankyou darkness!

The line :) ( everyone was so colorful except yours trully, a grey top.. oooo but i loved it)
We are the people!
You might be wondering the difference between ZIN, ZJ and ZES. Well, its as below. Mum=Zin; David Velez, Maria Browning=ZES; Me= ZOM *opps not listed but it means im an awesome zombie*

ZIN - Zumba® Instructor Network. 

ZJ - Zumba® Jammer. A ZIN Member who specializes in Zumba® choreography and has been officially selected and licensed to host ZIN Jam sessions. 

ZES - Zumba® Education Specialist. A person who has been officially selected and licensed to host Zumba® Fitness trainings in the world.

David Velez ZES and Maria Browning ZES
i copied the pose from SNSD's  'I got a boy'... The truth was i tried both the poses of Maria Browning and David Velez and it ended up looking retard :)
We were given a  limited edition t shirt, choose from 5 different design. (picture stolen from Santi, the organizer, and zumba instructor at Roger's Spa in Bandung)

Im ready for zumba PAPOYyy.
p/s: Realized i edited a few pictures above? Well i used a photo app from facebook. Try it out Webcam Photo Effects. I was blog hopping recently and became interested in photo editing. If you are interested but not TOOooo interested *get what i mean?* try these two blogs Hub Pages and Little Miss Marmalade. It has simple and easy apps plus easy tips on how to edit photos for people like me who does not have instagram :)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tairyo Japanese Restaurant, Magnum Cafe

Sometimes everyday routines can be really stressful, so one fine day we decided to head to Jakarta :). Well, it didn't really happen like that. We were actually suppose to go for a Kpop concert 'M Countdown' on that day but sadly 5 days before the concert, it was cancelled. :(  but we decided to go ahead with the plan. Off we go, thinking it was a weekday, and yeah, why would people go to Jakarta on a weekday? We were so wrong, said Hello to an awesome standstill traffic jam. Hello Jam! Took slightly longer than usual but we reached Grand Indonesia at around lunch time. My crazy stomach was having a concert.

We started off in this huge mall scouting for places to eat. In my mind, I don't mind anything edible. We were actually headed to Manhattan Fish Market *they have one in Jakarta, owh yeah!* but the Tairyo Japanese Buffet was even more attractive. They have a variety of food from sashimi, sushi, streaks, soups, asian cuisine, drinks and desserts. We went for the buffet which costs us around Rp150000 (RM50) with tax on a weekday. We were actually late for the buffet, it started either around 12 maybe *i forgot* but well we arrived at 1++pm and just frantically order nearly everything on the menu as by 230pm it was the last order and by 3pm the place was pitch dark as they got ready for dinner.

just a glimpse of the sashimi

Its either you sit infront of the chef and observe your food being cooked or u can sit away near the sofa's (away from the smoke and oil) i prefer infront of the chef personally.

happy faces!


salmon sushi

 entertained by the chef too *fire in the hole*

yummeh oysters

i tried so many different soups but this was uniquely served. *drank it like drinking tea* ahhhh refreshing.

ordered a type of fish filled with eggs. Thousands of it. It didn't taste weird though.

Magnum! Next stop was the famous Magnum cafe! Heard so much about it. So had to try it out. From the outside, there was a red carpet and it was decorated with ice cream sculptures and they had a short history of magnum on display. When you walk in, you get to feel the beautiful atmosphere inside. I was expecting more of a Willy Wonka feel, but their interior decoration was awesome too

There were so many varieties to choose from, but we chose the new crown jewel shared among 3 people. It was huge, consisting of 3 magnum ice cream, fruits, brownies and 2 pieces of waffle.  It was a good buy. Ice cream tasted awesome. We ate it in 20 mins as we were catching a movie "under-wear~~" Would definitely go there again but in a more relaxed schedule. Magnum not only offers an array of desserts, but they have savoury dishes too.

another order which was equally delicious

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Swinging Friday - MOCCA

I can't remember when i started being fans of MOCCA, an Indonesian indie band, but hey i'm still a fan now, not a fanatic one, but their music just soothes the soul :) We went to Mocca's concert at Balai Sartika, Buah Batu, a month ago. *long overdue post* Song selection were awesome, can't seem to remember most of the song lyrics, so i started humming to myself. *loser* Currently im crazy about kpop, *duh* isnt't everyone? I can remember lyrics in korean better than english! that i can tell you is kpop syndrome. :D
if you wanna hear their music try 'i remember'. Their songs to me, have a cute and jazzy feel which is really good for relaxing and sing-a-longs.

the stage from our seat

she's still so sweet after so many years :)


In Malaysia mochi or mua chi is something i look forward to eating, it always reminds me of white glutinous sticky dough cut into small pieces using scissors and then mixed with crushed nuts and sugar. yumm yumm.. brings back old memories, But more and more mochi stalls are closing, i mean the authentic home made ones, and the new comercialized ones are taking over. :(  hopefully uncle that sells on jonker street, ,melaka is still surviving in this rough money minded world. i will be back to give you business :)

Mua Chi[DSC02401.JPG]

BTW, Title sounds a bit odd but actually it stands for mochi and cilok which is also a stall name. As for the mochi, in this stall, its totally different in a way, its chewy but has a more like icy ice cream feel, without any nuts or sugar. They also have cilok which are balls made out of starch flour filled with something, couldn't guess it. The cilok here was steamed and then grilled with bbq sauce..ohlala~

The stall is situated in Sekeloa, so near to where i work and study.. but i never heard of it till recently. When walking in to the alley way, leading to the stall we can see people carrying small styrofoam boxes which is definitely from the stall. Stall was packed when we reached, but still we squeezed ourselves in and ordered all the flavors available! they tend to be sold out by evening :) it costs around rm 1 for one mochi.

all the flavors available

its almost like icecream except with a chewy texture

Cilok with something inside
 p/s: in Indonesia, durians are really pricey, its like crazy pricing, so as substitute for my cravings, durian pancake! it tastes almost the same. gotta go for durian buffet when i come back. :D