Sunday, August 31, 2008

Studies again~

Classes! Tmr will be the first day of stomach is practically doing flips now. I have been wanting to start, but its Tomorrow. its SCARY. Practically i have classes at 7am in the morning! thats crazie.but itz lunch break too! so i think i can diet no time to eat.hehe

FOOD here=cheap.the strawberry choco shake only cost R3000 which is around RM1.08! chun. but few days ago i had diarrhea. although the food looks clean, u still need to be aware of bacteria. because i was very careful with what i ate but i still have diarrhea. diden even try the sidewalk shops of the unlucky ones.

stawberry chocolate shake!

nasi goreng

Monday, August 18, 2008

Schedules before leaving for studies

well im practically racing from one place to another since Friday..having two or even 3 gatherings or dinner or makan or whatever you call it. been really tired but i really had a lot of fun. diden have this much fun in a looong time~
What i did so far=
  • pizza's burfday
  • dinner with kelly 
  • gathering with ex alevel classmates
  • mamak-ing
  • family day out
  • karoeke with my schoolmates

just when u think everything is going as planned.i got a call regarding my uni registration day that the attire would be a white shirt, black skirt and dark're killing me! i thought you said formal? NOW, i gotta find a way in my stupid pack schedule to go shopping for a black skirt and dark shoes. and this time i definitely would not get a good buy cause i will be rushing.I regret not buying the black skirt in times square that day.