Saturday, March 14, 2009

charity barity..

a small amount of money or things not in use anymore or energy? it really makes a difference..a contribution does not have to be a big sum of money! (pics above : taken at the pure heart charity drive carnival which rocks to the max) collection of unwanted but usable items, still going on at your own out anyway you can~

p/s: xoxo~ miss ya! =)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Look at the picture properly, what do you see? itz kinda cool wat technology can do!

p/s: thanks to mun~

Inauguration day

Well this happened quite sometime ago~ on valentine's day..we had an event for all the dentistry students batch 2008 which includes the reguler students and also international..the event to me was extremely successful..its objective is to bring us all together and i think it did in a way.. they had bands playing from each batch..from2005 till cool was that? with open dance floor the whole night..nothing can beat that..lurve ya all for it~

part of my class ( there should be 28 people)
p/s: friends are precious gems that i treasure~