Saturday, September 6, 2008


I had no class on friday as we had to go to the imigration office in Bandung about 1 and a half hour from my campus in Jatinangor.Took a bus at 7.30 but due to some 'sleepy heads' we moved only at around 8am.
When we reached the imigration office we practically did not have to do anything but sit down and WAIT~ When your turn came, you have to sign here and there, take a picture, have all 10 fingers printed and that was practically it.
The best part bout the day was during the lunch break. MCD! woo hoo~chicken foldover here it is called gourmet wrap and its kinda bigger than in Malaysia as i could finish the one in Malaysia. As I was so greedy i got an UP sized set (large set) summore and found it hard to even finish my coke.hmm~~
The worst part of the day. I spilt water on my hp. I mean wet the whole thing in and also out. gosh~my mood went all over the place for a mo. had problem processing things = parents,money,new hp,scolding..lucky the phone survived and is doing well, i hope.

a picture from inside the angkut( a public van)

p/s: friends are the reason im surviving here!xoxo