Thursday, February 3, 2011

My First Snow Experience

Its snowing. Oh emm gee. my first experience. It feels like a dream. didn't imagine it to feel so soft. the weather when its snowing isn't that cold. Suprising. I always thought it would be extremely cold when it snows. but its not true. hah!

trying to make my very own snowman. but mine became 2D instead of 3D. *practice needed*

spot the meow2 at my feet. that was my pet. it followed me everywhere. starting to love having a cat follow me. hehe. :)

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloooooonn

who said someone with a fear of heights can't fly. :)

getting the balloon ready

the pilot : Mike Green

a cave house

the awesome view :)

It is really cold at the beginning and the end. shivering down to the bones.
During the flight, there's fire burning just above your head so the temperature will be just nice.
If you're lucky, and the wind behaves. You get to fly into the valleys at a really low height. Viewing everything.
Btw, the pilot said when its summer, there will be around 50 to 60 balloons in the air. crazey. when we were up, there was only 5 balloons i guess. but the view was awesome.
Never miss it if you head to Cappadocia. (Company : Butterfly Balloons)