Monday, November 30, 2009

the way to living

its been a pleasurable weekend indeed. All these while, i was complaining about never going to jakarta for a real trip, but now i can say i STAYED in jakarta for 4 days 3 night.woosh! but it was not about malls and hotels or even theme parks..i attended a xperiencing practical dharma camp at puncak,jakarta around 4-5 hours distance from bandung.
Everything is controlled by your mind. Try being aware of what you are feeling or thinking, and then u will appreciate life in a whole new level. We are always dragged into the past or thinking about the future but why not starting from now. Think about the PRESENT, think about what we are doing NOW, what we are thinking NOW, what we are feeling NOW. my heart is beating so that i can live, my lungs are working and i am able to breathe..the smallest thing like our concentrating on our breathing can help our body and mind combine..we always tend to overlook the things that we do unconsciously but if one of it stopped functioning then what will happen? Be aware of what we do each second to appreaciate what we have because some people in this world lack of it but we are so fortunate to have it..:)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Birthday 2009

its over~ in a flash! 24 hours. but as everyone always says memories will last forever.
hmmm~so now, i'm officially legal,huh? i don't feel there's much difference anyway~ :)
But during this special day, i got the best of both worlds, no its the best of four worlds if you know what i mean.

Stick together people~ love~

p/s: when life gets tough..we still have each other k! :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thanks! :)

i am never perfect..i have so many flaws and im sorry for anything i have done which may have hurt anyone, At times i just don't know what i am saying or doing~So, in this post i wanna thank all of u for everything u have done to make me a better person..

Thank you
  1. for filling my life with joy
  2. for the time spent with me
  3. for trying to act silly with me
  4. for being concern
  5. for coming back for me
  6. for scolding me for my own good
  7. for loving me
  8. for telling me the truth
  9. for making me laugh