Friday, March 22, 2013


Bali! What do you think of when you plan to head over there? Beaches, Temples, Watersports, Shopping, Eating. Well, when you head over there during the raining season like i did. We were left with Shopping and Eating and a few rainless moments for beaches and temples.
We stayed in Wina Holiday Villa which was located opposite Kuta Beach, it was a short maybe 3-5 mins walk. But for me Kuta Beach isn't as magnificent as the name, it was pretty dirty actually but it was still a beach. As for the hotel, i love. We booked the rooms from, didn't have much problems except the climbing up to the third floor. We complained all the way up on the first day, till we saw the room and view. We were happy!. :D

walk up 4 flights of stairs to the room, but all worth it.

siting at the balcony to enjoy the view from the third floor

the view! and the pool~ ( buffet breakfast was beside the pool)

Well our itenary showed Tanah Lot Temple for Sunset. no sunset, no tanah lot upclose tooo~ The place was beautiful. You can soak in the environment. Just for comparison, if you don't end up in Bali during the raining season you could even walk up to the temple, as we couldn't, the tide was high. maybe we should have swam over! haha.
Tanah Lot (stolen from a friend)
Tanah Lot (my picture)
oink oink guling (not really something i would eat again, but it was famous, so had to try it)

Uluwatu! (walk to the temple) rain buhuhu.

Kecak dance ( A must watch)
 We watched 2 dances, the kecak and barong dance. You musn't miss the kecak dance at Uluwatu. As for the Barong dance, it wasn't really a dance, they actually had a lot of acting and drama in there, language was in Balinese. The dance didn't really attract me that much. It was so-so for ME, but maybe others may think otherwise. :)
Barong dance! ( i didn't understand most of the drama? not a dance)

Barong~ famous in Bali
Among all the places we ate at, Bebek Tepi Sawah is a must try!
bebek tepi sawah

bebek deep fried( duck), assortment of satay, baby back ribs

Due to the mist and rain, no Mount something2. i forgot the name!

Kuta Beach! 
Those were the highlights of the trip, besides, having a seafood dinner by the seaside, we gulped the food down before we could take a pic. haha.

nerd in the making!