Friday, October 26, 2012

Verde Resto and Lounge

So here's what I did, when tomorrow is a holiday, BTW, happy hari raya haji :)

 We tried a new place to eat : VERDE. It has a nice atmosphere to it, with various types of themes in one place, it definitely had a modern vibe :). But the place was a little hot for me, and we were surrounded by smokers. *cough2* We ordered 4 pizzas: four cheese pizza, one with salmon, volcano and alicia's spicy chicken pizza. well, the food overall was good. The price was reasonable, for four pizza's, 6 of us paid about RP 35000, without drinks that is. we felt drinks were a little pricey, so brought along a water bottle as back up, since we are still using parent's hard earned money :D

pizza with salmon on it *forgot the name* it was yummy.
 Well, the highlight of our eating session was definitely the VOLCANO, it came shaped like a ball, and they lit it. *wowzers* then they took it back to cut it, it became not so attractive anymore. It was more of the visuals than the taste that wow-ed us. as i felt it lacked of filling. we were practically eating pizza bread for 80% of the time.

you can opt to set the pizza on fire or not, it depends on u.

flattened down pizza 

p/s: life is confusing at times.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Keuken Athelete's Feast

Food! it is a great motivation to exercise.  :D
Well, just recently on Sunday (30th September) there was an athlete's feast held at lodaya, bandung. I was excited, then there was a catch, before going to the food feast, there was a 5km run. *stomach butterflies* being a person who rarely jogs, 5km is a big leap. but for food everything goes :D

We started the run from Cisangkuy yogurt house together with a group of runners (organisation: Indorunners). After having a short yet refreshing warm up session, the fun interactive run started. They definitely stopped a lot to let the slow ones (me) to catch up, they had lots of photo sessions on the way which was nice and the great company! thanks! 
Motto of the run : Reclaim the Street RUN!
We took around 1 hour plus to reach Lodaya, where we were greeted by cheers. awesome experience. We were given free milk from Melken, mineral bottle, a lunch box filled with delicious treats and many more. What more can you ask for just for running a 5km course? nothing...:)
The food stalls were not fully opened yet as we reached at 9am. it was a bit too early. but we got to try ice cream bar wrapped in cookies, which was yummeh. 

More info about the stalls that were there:


unique invention: bicycle blending machine
blending awayyyyy~ strawberry juice coming right up!

p/s: love running and in indonesia? try Indorunners!