Friday, July 23, 2010

north to the south

IPOH! then MELAKA! in 3 days..wooooshshhhh..crazy but fun.
guess what, it was my first time going to ipoh. the place reminded me of of melaka somehow..the environment. meet up with some classmates of mine. and had a good time.:) *pics up later*
then it was my home town, the next day, drove down alone, to visit my aunty ended up watching The Sorcerer's Apprentice too .it wasn't great but i would recommend to watch it.:))) and i tried the best nyonya laksa so far, seriously delicious. the shop is situated near jonker walk..a must try! im not really a fan of laksa, but this laksa tastes awesome~

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Prawn Snacks?

someone brought this home! and its killing my appetite. i just eat this all day long.even missed dinner, cause i ate too much! not healthy but totally delicious, i don't know what its called but its filled with pounded dried prawn with something. addictive and cute too~

Grannie :)

a blog post for grannie~ :)
Well, since last time i have been hearing stories from my friends about their grandmas.really nice stories indeed.i don't really know a lot about my grandma, as some of you may know, my biggest problem is my language barrier. i can't really speak chinese, what more hokkien. although i'm hokkien lang ok.i know quite embarrassing but i understand can't speak.
so grannie will always say something, and if i understand i will ans, with oh good (chin hoe) or a sweet smile :D or a laugh and a *i totally understand you* face. i even resorted in talking to her in BM. she understands! one Malaysia~ what a good granddaughter rightttttt? NOT! so i guess i need to buck up on my hokkien language. but no one speaks to me, even my parents use english at home.i have improved talking hokkien to myself :| i think~
oh btw,now grannie has started walking again~ before this she was so weak she had to be assisted when walking. but now she's much much healthier~ yippie~ she even went out to eat rojak with us. her appetite is still good~ last time she would say something like 'no need lah'( mien lah) when we asked her out~
Hip hip horray for grannie~ stay healthy yaaa~ :D

p/s: the words in bracket = hokkien language, i spelt it how it would sound if you pronounced it out loud.:P

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jelly Melly Yelly

the amount of milo thrown away in my house, unbelievable..u can guess what happened..=.='' masuk angin , yeah and it clumps up and becomes hard like below..but tastes really good just that you can't bite through it like your ordinary chocolates. (hard as rock)

SO, turned it into milo jelly~ slurpssss..a must easy to do.close eyes also can.haha! :D
melt the ordinary jelly strips in hot water and put those hardened milo above in..and maybe add abit of sugar and your done~~