Monday, April 19, 2010


dear bloggie,
my friend is going to have a baby. yeap she's the same age as i am. yes i am shocked. yes i am speechless.BUT congratssssssss..i know your're so happy! im sorry if my reaction wasn't as you expected. as it was shocking news..come on. but after it sank in. im so happy for you, now i have an extra baby to play with. :D be strong! im always here..
OK! back to me! haha.. went to Jakarta last Friday. specifically to Dunia Fantasi Anchol. nice place. but the thrill rides *starts to puke* i seriously don't know whats wrong with me..i don't get excited. and i shiver when i go on rides. come on! seriously old lady species mann..little kids & grandma's are on the ride. and i just sit there. don't wanna go lahhhhhh. i got some genetic problem. old lady genes. oh ya worst part i get cold sweat too..omg! all the stuff i canot control.i want a gene transplant! haha..

p/s : :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Old times Bale Padjadjaran.

its time to reflect on what had happen~ i was going through old photos recently.and realized that we will, miss things in the past.DEFINITELY! but when we daringly take a leap in the future, and look at where we ended up the present..there's a total sense of satisfaction.its like i took the leap and maybe i fell, but im still me, a much better ME i hope~ the past is for us to reflect on but don't duel on. we have to forgive and learn from it. *kaching smile~*

i miss this~ ( swimming with lily today made me remember our superb memories in D9..that i will remember forever.:)

p/s: the movie 'up in the air' leaves george clooney alone in the end? omg...