Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Baby teeth

Extracting teeth is never something i look forward to, especially for children. A young girl came up to me and said " kaka, gigi fany udah goyang, bisa dicabut gak?". I was taken aback. I was taught not to say any words like cabut (extract) or suntik (inject) in front of young patients, as it might scare them but she was different. a very clever girl indeed. 
Instead of the patient being scared, i got scared. The only thing running through my mind was don't traumatize the patient. i was worried that with one bad experience, it might ruin her perception of dentists. 
Despite my worries, she was very calm, even when injecting, she persevered and overcame the pain with a smile. Thanks~ :)
a primary lateral incisor (baby teeth)

p/s: a craze for rainbow cake~ :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Curug means waterfall in indonesian language, which is where i went for a long weekend recently. This beautiful waterfall was situated around 1 and a half hour away from the city, passing through extremely windy roads. i got really carsick at one point. Winding down the car window and feeling the cold breeze made me feel better. :)
Admission was Rp10000 per person, reasonable i suppose. As we entered, there were >500 stairs to get to the waterfall. Walking down wasn't really tiring, it was the walking back up that took most of the energy plus with a weak stamina, it made the situation even worse.

the waterfall was actually so high, that i didn't dare get near the bottom of it to get a head massage. we just waddled in a shallow water pool

 p/s: this is what you do when you try to fill up time. cute nail figures. ahh :)