Sunday, March 20, 2016

Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, Gili Air, Lombok.

Third Day in Lombok? why do time fly when your just starting to have fun? :P

We visited the 3 famous Gili islands. Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. We booked our whole trip to the islands, which included a speed boat, snorkeling equipment, transport thru and fro from the Living Asia Resort and Spa and 2 guides for Rp1.35 million/4people. *yeap! we were millionaires few weeks ago*

When we reached the beach, where our speed boat was waiting. We get to choose our flippers and googles before getting on the boat. There were 2 guides with us, one steering the boat, and one that guides us to beautiful snorkeling sites and also the SOS guy. Sitting on a speed boat was exhilarating and scary at the same time. 

our cute speedboat

The map for diving sites. (I don't have a license, YET) Snorkeling is still awesome :)
bon voyage mainland, and hello islands :)
the clear beautiful sea

The guide brought us to snorkle at 3 different spots. At the first one, we were in super clear waters with lots of beautiful fishies. We had bread to feed them, so they got real close but our snorkeling session didn't last very long. We were kind of attacked by jelly fishies. i did my breaststroke swimming, and was stung on both my hands. My bad, should have kept my hands to myself. learnt me lesson. ;P  The second snorkeling spot, the water was real choppy. BUT we saw a sea turtle. YES! im so happy. I thought only deep sea divers get that pleasure. We kind of chased it and scared it abit  alot. Third sport was awesome, rain started pouring but it didn't stop us, water was calm, and we just swam and enjoyed the scenery.

After snorkeling, we were brought to Gili Trawangan for lunch. We did a little exploring too :)

Theres a turtle conservation 
Cute turtle babies for viewing.

The pretty view after it drizzle slightly

The 'ferrari'. Remember its their road, move aside.
In Gili, only bicycles and horse carriages are the mode of transportation. no motor vehicles.

Grilled corn :)
p/s highlight of the trip would be snorkeling. should get my diving license soon :D

Monday, March 14, 2016

Sindang Gile and Tiu Kelep Waterfall, Lombok

Second day! All refreshed!

The flight Airasia from KL to Lombok reached the night before about 8++pm, Flight wasn't that great, turbulence, false landing, hovering for an hour plus~ i didn't understand when movies were talking about having your whole life flash before you, until this flight. scary. i had sweaty palms and i think i could have joined the Cullen family, i was that pale. I thought i was going to die. *drama queen* It was just the super bad weather..

We started off the second day looking for a driver. Luck was on our side..Our 'supir' aka driver, Pak Sofyan (a local in Sengigi), was there waiting outside our hotel for passengers. So we booked him for a whole day for Rp650000 for the car and driver. We were a group of 4, so the price was pretty reasonable. Pak Sofyan drove an avanza kinda car, so if you had a bigger group, it will be much more worth it, the car could easily fit 7 people comfortably. :)

Our destination was Mount Rinjani's Sindang Gile and Tiu Kelep Waterfall in Desa Senaru. Distance from Living Asia Resort, about 1.5 - 2 hours. Since we booked the driver, we stopped at multiple places on the way to Desa Senaru, for picture sessions. 

3 Islands (Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air)

Hmm.. interesting. almost similar to melaka..

Upon reaching Desa Senaru, we were dropped off at a restaurant where we were introduced to our guide for the hike to the waterfalls. We paid Rp100000/per person to hike to both waterfall. You only need to pay Rp 50000 if you only decide to go to the first waterfall (Sindang Gile). I think a guide is not needed if you are planning to go to the first waterfall only, as from the entrance it is about 30 mins walk on stairs and pavement, just follow the crowd.:) To get to Tiu Kelep, on the other hand, it is more like the road not taken. It takes an extra 30mins. You need to cross rivers (small ones) and climb rocks here and there. There isn't any signs either which leads to the waterfall. For safety, having a guide is better. :)

The view upon reaching Sindang Gile Waterfall

Can rest and relax 

Stall selling food such as snacks and instant cup noodles ~pop mie~~

Sindang Gile Waterfall ( You will be forever young ''awet muda'' if you are splashed by the water from this waterfall)

i can almost see it.. gotta keep my head held highhhhh~~ its the climbbbb~~ *singing out loud :D

The journey to Tiu Kelep Waterfall

The bridge to cross, mind your steps..

View from above the bridge

Crossing few rivers..

TADAA.. Tiu Kelep Waterfall!! Magnificent!
The whole group. Awesome view!

The trip back from Tiu Kelep, after passing the bridge, an option will be given by the guide, whether to walk through the tunnel or through the same way we came from (up hill battle with stairs :)).. It was less than knee length water level, but the tunnel was pretty dark. To go through the tunnel, you got to pay an extra Rp10000/per person. We didn't try it though. Maybe next time.
the tunnel

After the waterfalls, we had a slow drive back through the monkey forest, to RM Nada Alam Nyaman. We had the famous Ayam Taliwang with Pleceng Kangkung and Terung.
It was good, as the 'sambal' were real spicy and tasty. We each got a whole chicken, young chick not yet a full chicken.. if you get what i mean :D Fried tempe (fermented soy beans) were delicious. Everything costs us about Rp82500 per person. We ordered a pretty large feast as we were real hungry from the trip.

 p/s This is our trusty driver aka guide phone number, if you ever need a driver in lombok :) *two thumbs up*

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Living Asia Resort and Spa, Lombok

Hi! Its been sometime, more like 2 years since i wrote an entry in this blog. :) *blows dust* Working life has been eating up my time, and free time normally goes to my comfy bed zzzzzz. aha:)

I had the chance to visit the Beautiful Lombok, Indonesia, a few days ago. Hurray. *yolo*
We stayed at Living Asia Resorts and Spa in Sengigi for 3 nights, which cost around RM490 in total per person for a bedroom for 2 with partial sea view :). Thus, one night cost about RM164/per person/night. Booked from
Beds were huge and supper comfy. Toilet had partial sky view (bathing while looking at stars or the clear blue skies and if it was raining, we get to bath while playing with rain.. ~singing in the rain~~~that sounded good to me :D)

Breakfast is served at the restaurant by the sea. They had a variety of choices from breads, salad, yogurt, egg section, local cuisines like soto ayam or bubur ayam, fried rice/noodles with dishes and etc..Best part is, it changes every day. So, i guess if you were staying a week in the resort, you wont get bored of breakkie.

Hotel also has a Spa which offered a variety of massages, manicure and also facial. The spa has that Balinese feel to it. I went for the full body aromatherapy massage which costs about Rp250000 if i'm not mistaken. It was my first time getting a massage and i went for the full body. hahaha.:P
The masseuse was very professional and you get a room and toilet to yourself that made me feel more comfortable. *blush* There are much cheaper massages around lombok about Rp100000, but i guess for privacy and professionalism i would definitely choose the hotel spa.

The hotel is quiet and has a relaxing ambience. okay now for pictures:
view when you walk out of your room.*partial sea view*

the pool! right beside the beach.
at the far left end is the hotel restaurant

view while eating breakfast *imagine the sound of waves* relaxing~~

the private beach..

the pool! 

the view of the hotel.