Sunday, December 27, 2009

christmas 2009 :)

its been a blast so far..coming back to msia unplanned..staying in malacca for 1 week plus..nothing can beat having family around. u forget your troubles..and there u are jumping up and down in your heart.hoping this feeling will never end. :)
malacca totally spelled s-h-o-p-p-i-n-g! lotsa new clothes. some i dreamt of wearing but didn't have the ka-ching to buy..but i was lucky the big banker daddy was around to save the day..fa-la-la-la-la my dad is here!! but we only got him to come with us once. i think we scared him away.but one day is good enough! thanks!
then it was caroling on the 19th of december! house after house after house..but the company was great, it was a tiring experience. i ended up sleeping till evening on the 20th.wasn't really awake during dinner either..
movies! alvin & the chipmunks 2 ~ twilight: new moon~ the frog prince ( due to some circumstances)
AND christmas day!~

p/s: pressie's galore~ wee hoo~ :D

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Done :)

SHE is the DONE!! OMG!.. so happy for you. u can enjoy all u want missy dee-lyn. muax~ hope you have a great time..and stop! sms-ing me to make me jealous. i tengah stress ni~ btw, if u wanna know i am jealous! i want to go back to the exact moment you are in now~ :D enjoy dear~ i mish you~


btw, i have a confession to make. i had the happiest dream ever! i thought it was real~ huhu..until i woke up~ its kinda sad that it will never happen. i mean never! :( but thanks for the dream. dream maker~

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

AIDS day

i just realised its AIDs Awareness sweet of you to give me a ribbon, to remind me, people are suffering from AIDs all around the world but i don't know what i can do about it. yes~ i wear the ribbon to remind me & others, but will that make a difference? i want to make a difference, i want to help. but what do i do? im sure wearing the red ribboned pinned to my black blouse may cause questions with people who are not aware and this may give me a chance to explain, but other than that what can we do? how do we help? how do we make the difference felt by everyone, impact the whole country? im lost~ 

AND i lost my pencil box, its not a very big problem, but my favourite stationary are in there, my pendrive and some money..i was too busy packing to go for the camp and didn't have time to check for it. it's lost, and i don't know who took it, i just realised its so important..typical human, when u lose something u start blaming yourself why didn't u take care of it.haih~ a clear plastic bag filled with a black pen is all im left with..