Monday, June 30, 2008

South Africa (Part 1)

Since 27th of June at 1.05am I took a flight with my mum all the way to South Africa. Yeah! Don’t get the wrong idea. Some of my friends imagined the place to be lack of food, sunny and dry, poor people. Well, it’s so not true. Besides, its winter here you know. Very cold unlike our ‘panas dan lembap sepanjang tahun’. It didn’t snow though. They said that it snowed before. Too bad. The climate here is like in Australia, the sun is out but the wind made the weather freezing cold. The people here are very friendly like in Malaysia.
me bags
After landing in the Johannesburg Airport, I was exhausted. I didn’t really have a good sleep. Not because of the minor turbulence but it was because of the games and movies MAS flight had installed for the 10 hours plus trip. It’s typical ME for blaming other factors, other than myself. Well, the food served by MAS was definitely up to standards.
When we boarded the plane, we were given
  • warm towel to freshen up
  • a pack of peanuts ( nice, I was hungry at that time)
  • Supper! ( there were 2 choices, I chose the fish curry and rice)
  • Free Flow of plain water and juices
  • Breakfast ( Two choices Nasi lemak or western- WESTERN!!)
Fish Curry and Rice – Fish was really nice ( no bones!) & mixed vegetables ( fits in with the meal) Coffee cake ( yummy, I don’t drink coffee but I like this cake) Salad with prawns( I don’t know whether it was raw onot) but I didn’t likie..Adults liked it though.

Sausage and Omelette – Sausage and omelette was nice accompanied by steamed veggie
brown. Bread and mixed fruits. YUM! Banana yogurt drink, not really my cup of tea.

Okay, I played Bejewelled like forever. I wanted to compete with someone, but they were either not interested in the game or sleeping. Oh well competed with the computer. I got first and second place. The highest~! BUT! I couldn’t change the name. So, my name became PLAYER. I thought I could leave my name there, see if someone else can beat my very high score! High High Score!! O well..

high scores!!
Service: Okay.
Food: Good.
Flight: Smooth with few minor turbulence.
Facilities: Excellent ( especially the movies and games)
My comment: Overall good, except some forgetful charm that got to the steward. He forgot about my food.
Btw, just for your information, the time at South Africa is 6 hours earlier than the time in Malaysia. So, if in Malaysia, it’s 12 noon at South Africa it’s 6am. The currency is Rand.
Be back on 5th July..xoxo

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Catch up Intians

well the saturday started when i woke up and called kerry asking her wat time she will be in inti..she said she will be moving from her place at 9 since we all predicted that she will get lost finding her way to inti :X..i decided to move late..
tiba tiba, got a call frm my agents saying that i need a blood test to certify that i do not have HIV and i have antibodies to fight hepatitis B as soon as possible..OH i rushed out frm the house and reached the BP lab at 10 customer, YES! kena cucuk 4 times oni got 3cc of blood, NO! it really hurt..coz they could not find my vein.
Headed to inti, speeding..kerry reached be4 me~..lucky tak kena marah.
well actually our real plan was to bring carly on a suprise trip to melaka but something came up so all our plans changed..
we went to jusco seremban instead to meet teckie and suddenly met cc &jenna. nice~..i wanted to eat fish head noodles but not open till evening; end up in mcd.

makan~ ( carly eat extra big mac and took a large set!)

i can finish mega mac..summore faster then the rest
p/s: 'i kena cucuk 4 times' purposely repeating it for kerry and carly..

School Class Reunion

well, we have been planning the 5 Berlian class of 2005 reunioun since 3 years ago..but what can i say..we never change..the event became a last minute thing~ we were calling friends last minute..making changes to the plan..everybody all ganjiong here and there, credit finish in 2 days.. but we were all *happy* *excited*

we went by ktm ther, coz it gives us time to talk and catch up..besides petrol prices naik di! we promise to meet at 9am but as we all know we Malaysian famous for 'lambat'..hehe

IM just happy that i saw so many familiar faces and had lotsa FUN!

What we did..

camwhore in front of nando's while waiting for the rest

kenny roger's (not nando's, i eat other food u know felix)

no food?

new dish= muffin with black pepper sauce
after playing in the arcade( the electricity went off twice when we were playing, we gave up)

part of us~
p/s: there will be another one..