Saturday, August 22, 2009

Holidays 2009

holidays; first barcelona,spain then melaka then port dickson then home~ yeah! im minusing kl and the malls or the list will go on and on which means everyone will get bored..

corus hotel~ P.D

im taller than my mum ( she has high heels on) *comforting myself*

then came the cempedak story, *warning* it might be here goes, once upon a time there were 2 cempedak which were growing old.. and there was this girl who watched it grow old..*sweat* until one day, it got really smelly and the girl couldn't stand it anymore, so she cut them open! and had a feast with her tissue paper fingers ( stupid liquid from the cempedak, made my finger sticky and i stupidly touch tissue paper) so there u go a stupid story, this is why i can never be a journalist.:)