Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ikan Bakar Crystal Bay

I love burn fish aka ikan bakar! We headed to crystal bay when we were in Melaka for the Christmas holidays. Its been so long since i feasted on something so yummeh. There are multiple stalls at Crystal Bay, we have always been a loyal customer to the 3rd stall and for some reason we don't have any urge to try out the others.

We ate a meal for 4 people which costs RM70 includes nasi lemak, 2 kembung bakar, kerang bakar, udang bakar and sotong goreng tepung. My fav is definitely the kerang bakar aka bbq cockle, eaten with the sauce, it was d to the s delicious!

triangle otak-otak

the feast
p/s: meet Angel, a puppy poodle! :D don't be deceived by her cuteness.

Im a dentist?

Its been a month since i graduated..and it felt like it was yesterday. These feelings are still surreal. At one moment i was still facing judgement, with tears and learning to accept disappointments day after day, then suddenly *poof* its graduation and packing and going back..What a journey! still letting it sink in..One thing is for sure, I'm grateful and thankful for what i went through and hopefully my fellow classmates will make it through with flying colors as i believe the wait will be worth it :)

We have 2 graduations in Indonesia, before starting practical training we graduated with a 'Sarjana Kedokteran Gigi', After 2++ years we graduate again for 'Dokter Gigi', not to forget the Doctor's Oath Taking Ceremony. Compared to other universities around the world, our graduation in Padjadjaran is grand! and we dress to impress? hahaha. I compared to one of mum's graduation which was so scripted, no choir, no grand entrance, no bubbles and disco music after it ends. :P

friends foreva! :)

wonders of makeup!

p/s zumba partayy..