Monday, October 20, 2008

october party

well, she has a new hobby now. her hobby of lepaking has to be changed totally! she changed it to study day n night..NON STOP~..if only that happen, she will be screaming with joy..guess wat, it never did change~~

celebrating a birthday party for the september and october babies was like a short relaxing pitstop in her everychanging life..she had fun camwhoring too..

tats not all..she had sleepless nights here too~all bcoz of her laziness..she didn't sleep for a whole night! she watched the sunrise and also welcomed the cleaners of her hostel to kind of her..awwww~she nearly slept in class, or maybe she did as her head was pounding and she made a promise to herself..not to do it again..we shall note tat as a resolution~~
Hani squi~~
p/s: i miss people in malaysia and my friends all over the world so MUCH~xoxo..