Friday, December 31, 2010

End of 2010 :S

Alright! here we go.. in a few hours, a new year is here again..
Well, from being so excited about the day in the past few years, now i don't feel the excitement anymore. it justs feels like any other day. seriously, is this a sign of aging..huhu..i don't wanna age. :P.. Btw, since its the new year, i'm obliged to list down my 10 resolutions again. I'm using this super cute website again, to generate my resolutions. as i'm out of ideas and i always over think the resolutions till its almost always unachievable.. teeheee~
Try it out : Click HERE !! Its by Monica Velarde. Pretty cool huh :D

My resolutions for 2010:
1. Carpool
2.Give More Compliments
3. Reconnect with an old friend
4.Look up at the sky
5.Learn to Commit
6.Friend a person with the same name as me on facebook
7.High Five With the person sitting next to you
9.Use my phone to call instead of texting
10.Send a thank you card
11 . Be ME!
I LOVE IT! achievable!*jumping with joy*
Have fun everyone! enjoy your last day for this year. as a whole new adventure awaits in 2011!weeeeeehoooooooo~~

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dance Dance Revolution!

after a pharmacology paper. feel lifeless.. i can just say. WHAT kinda paper was that? wipes sweat, pat back. *its ok tjin* haiyayayaya..

btw, u know those dancing2 games you have in arcades, the step2, hop2, ahhh ones? well, a friend just got 2 mats. and u fix it to a play station and off you go! i played for 2 hours or maybe more, non stop. and still craving for more. the best part is you will sweat, have fun and exercise. and and no need buy token..awesome!. addictive, worse than morphine. trust me.. :) *teeth smile*

new year is coming, need to make a new list of resolutions, i think i can copy paste my 2010 ones and also the past year ones, mannn im a failure. none of my resolutions achieved? i need to go easy on myself this year. aim lower. :D, the list *coming soon i hope*

Friday, December 24, 2010

its going to be christmas!

hey hey! christmas time again. 'you better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, i'm telling you why, santa claus is coming to town' andddddddddd 'he's making a wish and checking it twice, something2 *scratch heads* whose naughty and nice CAUSE santa claus is coming to town..weeeeee~ :D

anddddddddd you better watch out..... *singing her lungs out*

its that time of the year again, makes you think what matters the most in life. its the little things people do that you take for granted, but when you realize, cherish them! cause those little things actually made your day. :)
everything i gain, is not only for me but for the people around me. :D

Merry Christmas! God Bless You!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Semester almost over! :)

semester 5 is almost over. time flew by without me knowing it. its been so long since i blogged. This semester is a killer. with 4 labs and classes and tutorials.
Prostho lab. DONE! with a bridge! with a dowel! with a stainless steel crown! phew *wipes sweat*

Oh btw, Meet my 1st john doe (still looking for an awesome name for it..hehe)..well, for conservative dentistry lab, NOT DONE! we have started preparation of teeth intraoral (in the mouth) for caries. im starting to hunch and getting backpains after 5 hours of lab. now i understand why its so hard for dentists' to sit straight.hmmm. i think i need to get something to poke me when i hunch or not, i might get a few centimeters shorter and a hunch back like the one in notredame.:P

FINALLY~~ tadaaaaaaaa.. my first ever saree.worn with much difficulties, but i would do it again.looks really nice. Went for a diwali night celebration at bandung. and btw, if ur watching Bernama News (tamil version)..Im on TV..owh yeaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh..haha

p/s: after exams, partey time!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Clear Broth Tomyam

We tried out a new eating spot in Mid Valley. Thai Restaurant or was it Myanmar Restaurant? The food was like a mixture of all the Asian countries. It's on the same row as Paddington's Pancakes opposite Sushi Tei. The food seems to be cooked with much love~
bubur cha cha! ( slightly too santan-ish, and sweet but mum said suppose to be like that)

Mohinga (taste good, if u like garlic, the soup has a strong garlic taste, but delicious)waiter said its from myanmar, but we were in a thai restaurant, *confuse*

mum with her lemongrass drink ( not my kinda taste.. it taste toooooo lemongrass)

tomyam( DELICIOUS but kinda irritating, every bite u take, u gotta take out a piece of lemongrass or ginger BUT it means they really cook it for the flavours :) )


It was in Malaysia again! yeah! and guess who went? yours truly~~:P
I only got the tickets last minute, as we begged my dad to ask his friend to get it for us. I was trying to win the tickets online. not as lucky as the others i guess. but he got the tickets for my sis and I, and it came with passes to the Sunway Park, so i shall be making a trip to the park one of these days~
see the extremely long queue in front of us? behind us was even longer!

eva and I ( my sis the photographer)
the poncho! ( chooo cute)

The show was AWESOME!! Although it was so HOT when we were waiting in line, and so COLD when it rained throughout the concert. it was still AWESOME!  Lurve the line up especially Wondergirls and Katie Perry!!!~ I love nobody! nobody! but you~ <3
MTV was so thoughtful for providing us with cute ponchos for bad weather and a fan for the heat. thanks!

p/s: photos stolen from eva~ :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

north to the south

IPOH! then MELAKA! in 3 days..wooooshshhhh..crazy but fun.
guess what, it was my first time going to ipoh. the place reminded me of of melaka somehow..the environment. meet up with some classmates of mine. and had a good time.:) *pics up later*
then it was my home town, the next day, drove down alone, to visit my aunty ended up watching The Sorcerer's Apprentice too .it wasn't great but i would recommend to watch it.:))) and i tried the best nyonya laksa so far, seriously delicious. the shop is situated near jonker walk..a must try! im not really a fan of laksa, but this laksa tastes awesome~

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Prawn Snacks?

someone brought this home! and its killing my appetite. i just eat this all day long.even missed dinner, cause i ate too much! not healthy but totally delicious, i don't know what its called but its filled with pounded dried prawn with something. addictive and cute too~

Grannie :)

a blog post for grannie~ :)
Well, since last time i have been hearing stories from my friends about their grandmas.really nice stories indeed.i don't really know a lot about my grandma, as some of you may know, my biggest problem is my language barrier. i can't really speak chinese, what more hokkien. although i'm hokkien lang ok.i know quite embarrassing but i understand can't speak.
so grannie will always say something, and if i understand i will ans, with oh good (chin hoe) or a sweet smile :D or a laugh and a *i totally understand you* face. i even resorted in talking to her in BM. she understands! one Malaysia~ what a good granddaughter rightttttt? NOT! so i guess i need to buck up on my hokkien language. but no one speaks to me, even my parents use english at home.i have improved talking hokkien to myself :| i think~
oh btw,now grannie has started walking again~ before this she was so weak she had to be assisted when walking. but now she's much much healthier~ yippie~ she even went out to eat rojak with us. her appetite is still good~ last time she would say something like 'no need lah'( mien lah) when we asked her out~
Hip hip horray for grannie~ stay healthy yaaa~ :D

p/s: the words in bracket = hokkien language, i spelt it how it would sound if you pronounced it out loud.:P

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jelly Melly Yelly

the amount of milo thrown away in my house, unbelievable..u can guess what happened..=.='' masuk angin , yeah and it clumps up and becomes hard like below..but tastes really good just that you can't bite through it like your ordinary chocolates. (hard as rock)

SO, turned it into milo jelly~ slurpssss..a must easy to do.close eyes also can.haha! :D
melt the ordinary jelly strips in hot water and put those hardened milo above in..and maybe add abit of sugar and your done~~

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Health Promotion: Gigi sehat dan kuat!

im done with one week of evil exams..yes! evil! as it has not been treating me nice. huhu..AT ALL..*serious face* :( , i have one more week to go..hope that week will be much better ya..
orait, updates about penyuluhan ( dental education) we did for students in Sekolah Dasar Jalan Sayang. whole new experience for me.. teaching students in a language that is similar to BM but not the got me worried. i wouldn't want to be sending the wrong message to these young sweet kids. got what i mean? but fortunately everything went well and on schedule~ i would sooooo do it again. *excited*


the class made out of very clever and sweet students

brushing teeth together.*brush brush spit rinse*

preparation to check teeth

checking teeth.*debris index* opps mask dimana? haha.i still don't feel comfortable wearing mask when talking to a patient.feels funny..must get used to it soon.=)

the 5A class of SD Jalan Sayang

overall wonderful experience from preparing the flipchart with my groupmates till THE DAY..
p/s: will be back in July..exams be nice..

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mixed it!

orait, its been so looong since i updated my bloggie. and almost everytime i post a new post, it always consists of the word 'exam', well, tmr i will be having my ortho lab exam. the exams are never ending, but i know they are for my own good. so let's conquer it together.FKG08!
orait then, IT got married..owh yeahhh..

and i found some super uber cute stuff on the net:
like below a dentist set made from play dohhh..hehe. it reminds me of when i was young, played with home made dough.plain but memorable till today.

and then came this super cute watch, don't really like the watch part of it, butttttt the design gets an A+ from me..:)

Monday, April 19, 2010


dear bloggie,
my friend is going to have a baby. yeap she's the same age as i am. yes i am shocked. yes i am speechless.BUT congratssssssss..i know your're so happy! im sorry if my reaction wasn't as you expected. as it was shocking news..come on. but after it sank in. im so happy for you, now i have an extra baby to play with. :D be strong! im always here..
OK! back to me! haha.. went to Jakarta last Friday. specifically to Dunia Fantasi Anchol. nice place. but the thrill rides *starts to puke* i seriously don't know whats wrong with me..i don't get excited. and i shiver when i go on rides. come on! seriously old lady species mann..little kids & grandma's are on the ride. and i just sit there. don't wanna go lahhhhhh. i got some genetic problem. old lady genes. oh ya worst part i get cold sweat too..omg! all the stuff i canot control.i want a gene transplant! haha..

p/s : :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Old times Bale Padjadjaran.

its time to reflect on what had happen~ i was going through old photos recently.and realized that we will, miss things in the past.DEFINITELY! but when we daringly take a leap in the future, and look at where we ended up the present..there's a total sense of satisfaction.its like i took the leap and maybe i fell, but im still me, a much better ME i hope~ the past is for us to reflect on but don't duel on. we have to forgive and learn from it. *kaching smile~*

i miss this~ ( swimming with lily today made me remember our superb memories in D9..that i will remember forever.:)

p/s: the movie 'up in the air' leaves george clooney alone in the end? omg...

Thursday, March 25, 2010


dental stone collection of impressions..:D ( its the same person)

one complete set with bite registration, without basis yet

tools used in the process~
sorry for leaving this blog for so long..i have been very busy with labs. its so hard to describe, just BUSAYYY..and next week is going to be a slight blunder, as we have exams and classes will carry on as normal..YAY...NOT!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Family! :)

without family im no one.correct? well this story is for them..
first of all, MUMMY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! its ur *toot* year old birthday but to me, you will always be my mum that i can depend on, my mum that suprises me with your actions, my mum that never leaves me stranded, my mum that always thinks about my wellbeing although i can be a pain in the arse at times, my mum that shares my pain and sorrow, my mum that hopes for the best in anything i do~ My mum that is always there~~ :)
I hope you had a great birthday! I wished i was there to celebrate it with you~~
the next one is for my sis~LYN!
if you ever wanted to know i have never doubted a slight bit in your abilities to study, you seem very calm and relaxed but i know that's just the way you do things, different people have different ways and i wished i was a little bit more like you..:) This is to congratulate you for your SPM results~ you did great! and i am so proud of stop doubting yourself and start living out of your shadow k.
not to forget DADDY! i miss you too! yes i do..huhuhuhu~ sometimes i just wish i could fly~ so we all wont be apart~

p/s: i wished i was back home :'(

Monday, January 11, 2010

Resolutions 2010! :D

i found this super cute website, i feel everyone should check it out. its by Monica Velarde..Click HERE! it generates new year resolutions. so, u don't need to pour your brains out anymore people! :D

the first 10 resolutions i got..the truth is i clicked more than 10 times.haha! its kinda addictive and the resolutions are so 'down to earth'..
  1. go to yoga (spiritually cleanse myself while getting a good workout')
  2. donate your time ( orait, march charity event here i come)
  3. call mom and dad more often ( roger that!)
  4. keep my family safe ( wachaaaaaaa! kung fu style)
  5. back up my computer files regularly ( ok, odd and funny but yet again useful)
  6. stay in touch ( definitely)
  7. inspire ( i'll try!)
  8. throw a dinner party ( ok, 11 more months to go)
  9. ride my bike ( does this mean im getting a bike? yes?)
  10. join a choir ( yes! i missed choir so much, thats where i belong *teeth smile*)
p/s: try it..:D

Saturday, January 9, 2010

some stuff & wedding bells...

Have you ever experienced a time where you felt like giving up? Its like you had enough already, or you failed miserable or you felt hurt in some way. well, i realized i get the feeling all the time and i seriously complain like a non stop yapping duck. Then, i think of people who lost their whole family to an accident or just got married and lost their spouse after 1 hour. how would they feel? My problems are so petty compared to theirs. pffft~ i know..
well, lets just say a new resolution for 2010 coming up!

On a more cheerful note, i have been in my room for 4 days continuously. yay! =.= i think i'm practically rotting, i know..i suppose to be studying but 4 days continuously can lead to hazardous consequences you know! i can assure you with my 1 year dental degree studies..HAHA!

AND one more thing! so000 important! my friend is getting married! bride, bridegroom, ring, family..*fainted* im so happy for you and maybe a little too excited.hehe. 22 years old! it didn't even cross my mind yet that im legal to get married like right NOW.hoho! when she told me, it sounded like this 'im so tired lah, trying all the wedding gowns'. so calm and 'selamba'. on the other end, your friend here. was jumping up and down literally, reading the sentence again and again, processing. bodohnyer~ :D i don't know why i get so excited. then i asked wedding gown?getting married! then started lah. the girls' 'fill me in with the details' session.

i can't be there for the wedding but congrats from your over excited friend! *bear hug and flying kisses*

oh! and specially for people who wears retainers like me~i present to you a retainer box. haha. ( i linked it to the site to make it yourself) cute and personalized. :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

random :)

exams got postponed till next tuesday..well.part of me loves it, means more time to buck up and revise, while the other part just wants to get it over with..oh come on..another 5 days..kinda crazieeee. more pressure..huhu..but can't change the fact so i'll just live with it.:)

btw, my friend called me few days ago. asking me whether i want a heart soap for christmas. i was like after Christmas only think of me huh!.sobs.but of course i WANT the heart shaped soap..who doesn't want presents.right?right? but i said in my calm n demure voice..sure~ *teeth smile* but i can only get it once i see her this coming hols. patience! so i went to search for pictures of heart shaped soap lah. as i have ample of time. i found this picture! kinda creepy! t-o-t-a-l-l-y!!..anatomy heart soap..i have enough of anatomy! 

AND i stumbled on something else!!. slurps..peanut butter kisses cookies i soOOO wanna bake this, besides an oreo cheesecake or blueberry cheesecake.. the fact that i don't own any sort of baking utensils or even an oven, doesn't really help.:(  oh! and i just remembered i never baked, whoever reads this. try baking it, and share with your dear friend here, would u? thanks! :)

p/s: its freezing here..the rain just stopped pouring..i was preparing for a flood just now.seriously! it was like i was directly under a waterfall..=.=