Friday, October 26, 2012

Verde Resto and Lounge

So here's what I did, when tomorrow is a holiday, BTW, happy hari raya haji :)

 We tried a new place to eat : VERDE. It has a nice atmosphere to it, with various types of themes in one place, it definitely had a modern vibe :). But the place was a little hot for me, and we were surrounded by smokers. *cough2* We ordered 4 pizzas: four cheese pizza, one with salmon, volcano and alicia's spicy chicken pizza. well, the food overall was good. The price was reasonable, for four pizza's, 6 of us paid about RP 35000, without drinks that is. we felt drinks were a little pricey, so brought along a water bottle as back up, since we are still using parent's hard earned money :D

pizza with salmon on it *forgot the name* it was yummy.
 Well, the highlight of our eating session was definitely the VOLCANO, it came shaped like a ball, and they lit it. *wowzers* then they took it back to cut it, it became not so attractive anymore. It was more of the visuals than the taste that wow-ed us. as i felt it lacked of filling. we were practically eating pizza bread for 80% of the time.

you can opt to set the pizza on fire or not, it depends on u.

flattened down pizza 

p/s: life is confusing at times.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Keuken Athelete's Feast

Food! it is a great motivation to exercise.  :D
Well, just recently on Sunday (30th September) there was an athlete's feast held at lodaya, bandung. I was excited, then there was a catch, before going to the food feast, there was a 5km run. *stomach butterflies* being a person who rarely jogs, 5km is a big leap. but for food everything goes :D

We started the run from Cisangkuy yogurt house together with a group of runners (organisation: Indorunners). After having a short yet refreshing warm up session, the fun interactive run started. They definitely stopped a lot to let the slow ones (me) to catch up, they had lots of photo sessions on the way which was nice and the great company! thanks! 
Motto of the run : Reclaim the Street RUN!
We took around 1 hour plus to reach Lodaya, where we were greeted by cheers. awesome experience. We were given free milk from Melken, mineral bottle, a lunch box filled with delicious treats and many more. What more can you ask for just for running a 5km course? nothing...:)
The food stalls were not fully opened yet as we reached at 9am. it was a bit too early. but we got to try ice cream bar wrapped in cookies, which was yummeh. 

More info about the stalls that were there:


unique invention: bicycle blending machine
blending awayyyyy~ strawberry juice coming right up!

p/s: love running and in indonesia? try Indorunners!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

MTV World Stage

The title says it all. MTV WORLD STAGE is in Sunway Lagoon Malaysia again! OMGeeee. Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby baby baby. :) I went for one of it about 2 years ago. It was so fun as the company and the songs were awesome. What do you expect when the line up, involved Katy Perry and Wondergirls? Perfecto~ Read about it on my previous post : They even give cute goodies, a poncho for the rain and a fan for the heat.:)

I will be missing the concert this year. Having a final presentation for my minor thesis on 18th of July. The lineup for this year seems really nice as well. There will be Kara! Jay Park! Mizz Nina! Justin Beiber! Suddenly feel like doing Kara's signature hip shake in their video Step. :D argh. The tickets are normally easily won from competitions, but some people will sell the tickets online too cause sometimes they need the money or they just can't make it. so try getting your tickets! Have a good time. If i were you, i won't miss the chance. :) Visit : for more info. :)

1) Bring an umbrella for the long waiting line as sometimes you will be under the hot sun for quite sometime before entering (1-2hours).
2) While waiting, try and win passes to get in the 'x zone', the one nearer to the stage, but first you have to stand out in the crowd to be chosen to play a game. :)
3) Have a strict and don't mess with me face as late comers will try to squeeze in front of you to get nearer to the stage.
4) Get used to the pushing and touching in the crowd, maybe go with a guy friend or a bouncer?
5) Shout your hearts out! no one cares. :)

Saturday, July 7, 2012


After listening to a song, have you ever had the feeling of smiling widely, dancing freely, jumping up and down, goggling the lyrics of the song and shouting the lyrics out, picking up your pen and start playing the 'drums' on your table, going to the mirror and start to mimic the singer and laughing at yourself at the end of the song. You haven't?  TRY IT. You will feel awesome. :) I wonder whether it feels as good as after drinking alcohol, i bet this is better, no hangover involved. or after accomplishing a bunjee jump? adrenaline rush. :)

Songs that i adore for now:
1) Call Me Maybe- Carly Rae Jepsen
2) Mr Know It All - Kelly Clarkson
3) Jet Lag - Simple Plan
4) Superman - Super Junior
5) Be my Baby - Wondergirls
6) Step -Kara
7) We Found Love - Rihanna
8) Abracadabra - Brown Eyed Girls
9) I am the best - 2NE1
10) many many more :)

p/s: sometimes think before you speak, you may hurt someone.

Friday, July 6, 2012


hummingbird? a cute bird that loves flowers and that flaps its wings so fast, you start to wonder whether they have wings? nahhh, its actually a restaurant name. ok im lame.
Well, we came here for dinner one fine night to celebrate an early birthday and just hang out. The place was completely full, it was a sunday. We were actually on the waiting list but we ended up taking a table in the smoking area, as we were partially starving. Smoking area = i need a smoke mask puhleaseee~.

We had yummy food, except for some of the food which was a tad salty. The chef must have added a bit more salt than needed. The selection of cakes, are really good too. For a good filling meal it would cost around Rp50000, which is RM 20-25.

Pasta with Bratwurts ( salty)


Big portion of Fish and chips

Fried rice

Pastisto, baked macaroni

Coffee chocolate praline? delicious, has a strong taste of rum

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Bad luck or bad karma or whatever you call it. it happened to me again. this time i never expected it, didn't realize, wasn't alert, completely unaware. :( . someone took my phone? yes! it was a middle-aged lady. i don't even know how she looks like. bummer. hope everything goes 'well' for her! when i broke the news to  my parents i was practically trembling, i always need them to reassure me that its okay, still a mummy and daddy's baby at heart.

Well, actually my post is about how to track down your phone after it has been stolen. I was unlucky, as i didn't know about this before. i'm naive but slowly learning from challenges. Well, its an application that you can install in your phone with the android system. Applications called Contact owner, Where's my Droid?, AVG Antivirus, Plan B. Read on it below, as i never used it before, i'm really not sure how effective it is. I suggest try installing the apps, no harm done. read more about the apps below.

For more information :

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Baksos aka Bakti Sosial. Its an event where you give back to society. A group of friends and I, got the chance to be a part of this charity event, which was held recently at Purwakarta about 1 hour away from Bandung. The charity event was held in a primary school and organised by the alumni students of year 1991. It was wonderful, to think that students that have graduated for quite some time, still honor their university and give back to society. 

I gained many things during this charity event, experience from treating children and also new friends. Children are amazing, although sometimes annoying. I have learnt that we can never force a child to do something ( like to extract a tooth) but if they agree to do it, although they feel pain or uncomfortable, they brave through it. :) As there were so many little school kids that came, work had to be done at lightning speed with whatever equipments provided. Good training for dentistry work in rural areas. 
Brushing teeth twice a day, after eating breakfast and before sleeping at night, will help save your teeth! :D

the group with lecturers 

another school check event
p/s : Masterchef!! :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rhino National Geographic

I have always had a soft spot for animals. the ones that are 'hard' skinned to be precise. :) tortoise, turtles, hippopotamus, rhinos, whales, dolphins and so many more. the antagonistic animals. Furry animals like cats and mice are actually cuddly but i don't fancy them as i'm just afraid they will bite me, scratch me, poo poo or shi shi on my hand? Watching them, amazes me though.

A friend of mine inspired this post on a specific animal Javan Rhinoceros. These rhinos are special as they have one horn lesser and are smaller than the normal type of rhinos. I had zero knowledge about this animal this morning,but i started reading up, and felt like sharing.

Scientific Name: Rhinoceros sondaicus
Habitat: tropical and subtropical forests
Location: Western Indonesia
Population: As few as 40 in Ujung Kulon National Park, Indonesia ( distinct sub-species of Javan rhino from Vietnam has been declared as extinct in 2011) It is found no where else in the world. critically endangered.

These beautiful animals will be extinct, if we don't do something. If you have the means, try donating. As for me, i can only spread the word about these rhinos for now, and hope for a better future for them. :)


normal rhinoceros with two horns

Javan rhinoceros (one horn-ed)

javan rhinoceros

Btw, another javan rhinoceros? i don't know why, but the rhinos keep reminding me of Cera's dad in the movie Land before time, which is a anchiceratops dinasour. Don't you think they look rather similar?

oh yah~ Try visiting my previous post about a safari in South Africa, where i encountered white rhinos, amazing animals. I would love to go to another safari or a wildlife sanctuary, just to watch the animals.

p/s : ever been kissed by a dolphin? it is like taking a baseball bat and tapping it on your face, just that it isn't a bat, its a cute lovable dolphin.

Monday, June 11, 2012

once upon a time

Once upon a time, there was a girl who needed a "happy every after" :) Have you heard of the series 'Once upon a time'? My friend introduced it to me and i finished watching the whole season 1, in a week. call me crazy but the show was enchanting. Its about fairy tales like Snow White, the evil witch, Pinocchio, Red riding hood, Rumpelstiltskin, Fairy God mothers and many more. All in a single series. Marvelous! What else can  you ask for. :)
I adore fairy tales, fantasy, magic and magical creations. Maybe cause it doesn't exist in the real world, it makes my imagination go wild which involves a lot of 'what if's. what if i owned a dragon? i really do want one, a tame one to be precise. What if i had a fairy god mother who granted my wishes? What if i married prince charming? What if i owned a 'happy ever after'?

Kara-Step. try shaking your hips to the song. :) its difficult to get the tempo right. but the song is addictive and colourful.

p/s: i found this in my hostel, such a cute message :)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lily and Rose

Ever went for a manicure or pedicure before? : D . I went for my very first pedicure recently and my second time for a manicure. Its always fun to have someone pamper you especially after working for hours in the clinic. I still feel a little awkward though, when going for all these pampering sessions, as i tend to feel bad for the workers that are doing the job especially when it involves the feet.
I have yet to try a full body massage, that will be next on the list.
My manicure and pedicure was done at Lily and Rose, a boutique cum beauty salon and reflexology. They even have a cafe. The boutique is wonderful if your looking for clothes that screams the summer, flowers, laces and ruffles. As for the mani and pedi, it was not up to our expectation actually, it was done in a rushed manner. We didn't feel it was a great experience, its not horrible either. :)

I just found Wondergirls "Be my Baby" and i love it.  i may be outdated but this song is so addictive. give it a try. :)


Monday, June 4, 2012


i think humans tend to be thankful only when something bad happens. i try to be thankful for everything but sometimes i tend to forget. today, at around 6.15pm there was an earthquake around 160km from my hostel. we felt the tremors, but it lasted only for a few seconds. its frightening enough. Everything started shaking but nothing was controllable. i was waiting and hoping it would stop. the few seconds, to be thankful for life.

the details :

scenery at Malabar *brrrr.chill right down to the bones*
seminar in Malabar
cute gummy fangs to cheer up the youngsters or maybe to scare them *evil grin*

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Baby teeth

Extracting teeth is never something i look forward to, especially for children. A young girl came up to me and said " kaka, gigi fany udah goyang, bisa dicabut gak?". I was taken aback. I was taught not to say any words like cabut (extract) or suntik (inject) in front of young patients, as it might scare them but she was different. a very clever girl indeed. 
Instead of the patient being scared, i got scared. The only thing running through my mind was don't traumatize the patient. i was worried that with one bad experience, it might ruin her perception of dentists. 
Despite my worries, she was very calm, even when injecting, she persevered and overcame the pain with a smile. Thanks~ :)
a primary lateral incisor (baby teeth)

p/s: a craze for rainbow cake~ :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Curug means waterfall in indonesian language, which is where i went for a long weekend recently. This beautiful waterfall was situated around 1 and a half hour away from the city, passing through extremely windy roads. i got really carsick at one point. Winding down the car window and feeling the cold breeze made me feel better. :)
Admission was Rp10000 per person, reasonable i suppose. As we entered, there were >500 stairs to get to the waterfall. Walking down wasn't really tiring, it was the walking back up that took most of the energy plus with a weak stamina, it made the situation even worse.

the waterfall was actually so high, that i didn't dare get near the bottom of it to get a head massage. we just waddled in a shallow water pool

 p/s: this is what you do when you try to fill up time. cute nail figures. ahh :)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day by day

Life as a dental student in her 4th year has become routine. Working from 9am till 4pm. Looking for patients to treat. Convincing patients to come back for re-check up. Getting the right cases for requirements. not to forget Thesis and exams. and the list goes on. It's so stressful that sometimes i just eat and sleep to forget what i need to do, another plus minus 1 year. i can do it!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Volcano Run (Tangkuban Perahu)

'Why am i here' this was running through my mind when i was following a group called 'Indorunners' *a group of people who loves running* up the tangkuban perahu volcano. With a stamina of 3 on a scale of 10. what am i doing here? lol. the trail wasn't even half completed and i was drained of all energy.
Wearing a huge raincoat, i endured rain, strong winds and a challenging terrain. I was on all fours most of the time, to prevent myself from slipping and falling as it was very slippery. Using my fingers like claws into the terrain.haha. But i MADE IT, with help of course! everyone was so supportive, and ever ready to lend a hand. the company was superb.
after all the trail running. was a scrumptious traditional meal at Tabuga, Punclut.
Asked if i would do it again. YES without a doubt! :)

p/s: my stamina needs some working on. :)

Christmas 2011 :)

this blog is filled with dust. as the owner is so busy or is she? she's lazy.
It was christmas in another country. it has been like this for 2 years. no biggie. :) As usual, we had our own food festival. On christmas morning, we walked all around Bandung, more than 5 km, strolling at our own pace with extremely good weather. :) it was bliss. When we were back, all the cooking activities started. right after snoozing for a while or maybe longer. :P

Sweet potato balls * extremely easy to make*
Boil sweet potatoes till soft, smash them up add sugar and flour. roll them, and FRY! :)

kuih bakul in between 2 types of sweet potato, coated and FRY! yummeh!

Chi-kut teh
it was a small little christmas with chit chats and laughter. ROAR~