Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Clear Broth Tomyam

We tried out a new eating spot in Mid Valley. Thai Restaurant or was it Myanmar Restaurant? The food was like a mixture of all the Asian countries. It's on the same row as Paddington's Pancakes opposite Sushi Tei. The food seems to be cooked with much love~
bubur cha cha! ( slightly too santan-ish, and sweet but mum said suppose to be like that)

Mohinga (taste good, if u like garlic, the soup has a strong garlic taste, but delicious)waiter said its from myanmar, but we were in a thai restaurant, *confuse*

mum with her lemongrass drink ( not my kinda taste.. it taste toooooo lemongrass)

tomyam( DELICIOUS but kinda irritating, every bite u take, u gotta take out a piece of lemongrass or ginger BUT it means they really cook it for the flavours :) )


It was in Malaysia again! yeah! and guess who went? yours truly~~:P
I only got the tickets last minute, as we begged my dad to ask his friend to get it for us. I was trying to win the tickets online. not as lucky as the others i guess. but he got the tickets for my sis and I, and it came with passes to the Sunway Park, so i shall be making a trip to the park one of these days~
see the extremely long queue in front of us? behind us was even longer!

eva and I ( my sis the photographer)
the poncho! ( chooo cute)

The show was AWESOME!! Although it was so HOT when we were waiting in line, and so COLD when it rained throughout the concert. it was still AWESOME!  Lurve the line up especially Wondergirls and Katie Perry!!!~ I love nobody! nobody! but you~ <3
MTV was so thoughtful for providing us with cute ponchos for bad weather and a fan for the heat. thanks!

p/s: photos stolen from eva~ :)