Wednesday, June 24, 2009

moving out n moving on

im done with exams for this semester! so happy~lets say HOORAY! but im packing my stuff up because we have to move out from our hostel to make way for new students coming in, for the next year~ did i mention i miss my kosan(hostel), WELL I DO~ im feeling it now! i love you, bale padjadjaran..
i'll be moving out to a place called Flamingo in Sukawening, quite close to the uni with a whole new environment. wish me luck on that..
On the other hand, since exams were over, we went Bandung for 2 days, bought lotsa stuff as usual.need to control myself or not i will be officially broke soon..lucky going back Malaysia in few more days! wee hoo~

my official addiction

Hope everyone will have a great holiday ya! PEACE~

Saturday, June 13, 2009


one more week, till exams are done!
two more weeks, till im back in MALAYSIA.. three more weeks, im goin on holidays with my mama..
four more weeks, i will be in my home sweet home
ten more weeks, n im back in Indonesia for a new semester
that's my life
i love nobody, NOBODY but u
{song : Nobody by Wondergirls..try watching it on youtube, cute}

camwhore princesses~ =)

motor ride~

new stolen creature, living in my room for 1 week..XD