Monday, January 9, 2012

Volcano Run (Tangkuban Perahu)

'Why am i here' this was running through my mind when i was following a group called 'Indorunners' *a group of people who loves running* up the tangkuban perahu volcano. With a stamina of 3 on a scale of 10. what am i doing here? lol. the trail wasn't even half completed and i was drained of all energy.
Wearing a huge raincoat, i endured rain, strong winds and a challenging terrain. I was on all fours most of the time, to prevent myself from slipping and falling as it was very slippery. Using my fingers like claws into the terrain.haha. But i MADE IT, with help of course! everyone was so supportive, and ever ready to lend a hand. the company was superb.
after all the trail running. was a scrumptious traditional meal at Tabuga, Punclut.
Asked if i would do it again. YES without a doubt! :)

p/s: my stamina needs some working on. :)

Christmas 2011 :)

this blog is filled with dust. as the owner is so busy or is she? she's lazy.
It was christmas in another country. it has been like this for 2 years. no biggie. :) As usual, we had our own food festival. On christmas morning, we walked all around Bandung, more than 5 km, strolling at our own pace with extremely good weather. :) it was bliss. When we were back, all the cooking activities started. right after snoozing for a while or maybe longer. :P

Sweet potato balls * extremely easy to make*
Boil sweet potatoes till soft, smash them up add sugar and flour. roll them, and FRY! :)

kuih bakul in between 2 types of sweet potato, coated and FRY! yummeh!

Chi-kut teh
it was a small little christmas with chit chats and laughter. ROAR~