Monday, January 11, 2010

Resolutions 2010! :D

i found this super cute website, i feel everyone should check it out. its by Monica Velarde..Click HERE! it generates new year resolutions. so, u don't need to pour your brains out anymore people! :D

the first 10 resolutions i got..the truth is i clicked more than 10 times.haha! its kinda addictive and the resolutions are so 'down to earth'..
  1. go to yoga (spiritually cleanse myself while getting a good workout')
  2. donate your time ( orait, march charity event here i come)
  3. call mom and dad more often ( roger that!)
  4. keep my family safe ( wachaaaaaaa! kung fu style)
  5. back up my computer files regularly ( ok, odd and funny but yet again useful)
  6. stay in touch ( definitely)
  7. inspire ( i'll try!)
  8. throw a dinner party ( ok, 11 more months to go)
  9. ride my bike ( does this mean im getting a bike? yes?)
  10. join a choir ( yes! i missed choir so much, thats where i belong *teeth smile*)
p/s: try it..:D

Saturday, January 9, 2010

some stuff & wedding bells...

Have you ever experienced a time where you felt like giving up? Its like you had enough already, or you failed miserable or you felt hurt in some way. well, i realized i get the feeling all the time and i seriously complain like a non stop yapping duck. Then, i think of people who lost their whole family to an accident or just got married and lost their spouse after 1 hour. how would they feel? My problems are so petty compared to theirs. pffft~ i know..
well, lets just say a new resolution for 2010 coming up!

On a more cheerful note, i have been in my room for 4 days continuously. yay! =.= i think i'm practically rotting, i know..i suppose to be studying but 4 days continuously can lead to hazardous consequences you know! i can assure you with my 1 year dental degree studies..HAHA!

AND one more thing! so000 important! my friend is getting married! bride, bridegroom, ring, family..*fainted* im so happy for you and maybe a little too excited.hehe. 22 years old! it didn't even cross my mind yet that im legal to get married like right NOW.hoho! when she told me, it sounded like this 'im so tired lah, trying all the wedding gowns'. so calm and 'selamba'. on the other end, your friend here. was jumping up and down literally, reading the sentence again and again, processing. bodohnyer~ :D i don't know why i get so excited. then i asked wedding gown?getting married! then started lah. the girls' 'fill me in with the details' session.

i can't be there for the wedding but congrats from your over excited friend! *bear hug and flying kisses*

oh! and specially for people who wears retainers like me~i present to you a retainer box. haha. ( i linked it to the site to make it yourself) cute and personalized. :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

random :)

exams got postponed till next tuesday..well.part of me loves it, means more time to buck up and revise, while the other part just wants to get it over with..oh come on..another 5 days..kinda crazieeee. more pressure..huhu..but can't change the fact so i'll just live with it.:)

btw, my friend called me few days ago. asking me whether i want a heart soap for christmas. i was like after Christmas only think of me huh!.sobs.but of course i WANT the heart shaped soap..who doesn't want presents.right?right? but i said in my calm n demure voice..sure~ *teeth smile* but i can only get it once i see her this coming hols. patience! so i went to search for pictures of heart shaped soap lah. as i have ample of time. i found this picture! kinda creepy! t-o-t-a-l-l-y!!..anatomy heart soap..i have enough of anatomy! 

AND i stumbled on something else!!. slurps..peanut butter kisses cookies i soOOO wanna bake this, besides an oreo cheesecake or blueberry cheesecake.. the fact that i don't own any sort of baking utensils or even an oven, doesn't really help.:(  oh! and i just remembered i never baked, whoever reads this. try baking it, and share with your dear friend here, would u? thanks! :)

p/s: its freezing here..the rain just stopped pouring..i was preparing for a flood just now.seriously! it was like i was directly under a waterfall..=.=

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year 2010 :)

omg! its THE time again.. we are starting all over again. the new year 2010..weehoo~ nothing much happened on new year. just went out for short and sweet meal at kenny rodgers with the family. nice touch to the end of 2009.
and it was the countdown..
When everyone was shouting Happy new year!!.. i was brushing my teeth! yeah!
i kinda slept off at 9 something and when i woke up, i went straight to the toilet.

so the new year had a nice beginning. but i don't wanna be brushing my teeth 24-7! i heard stories, whatever u do at the beginning of new year, you will do it for the whole long as its not 24-7, then im ok with it..:)
so what's my resolutions for this year? i wanna write it but i don't wanna have those unachievable, ambitious my first resolution finish the resolution for 2010 by the end of january! haha! wait for it people..patience is a virtue.
ok. im back to exams again. 3 more papers to go!!..come on tjin! then its CNY celebration. and i extended my break so i will be celebrating it back home..:). I like this part right here~ :D
p/s: happy birthday dennis and carly~ muax~