Sunday, September 27, 2009

we never know..

we never know,
what will happen next...
we never know!
but there is always a rainbow after the rain
there is always a shining sun after the glowing moon
please stay positive and strong.

p/s: im so sorry i can't do anything to make it better..:(

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Raya Open House

yes, its melaka again, i know but i lurve melaka for some reasons.
everyone knows its hari raya holidays, and what better way to celebrate than going out to an open house, is going out to an open building 'mitc melaka open house' by the chief minister..
besides the food that was edible, the crowd was a killer, *complains* i felt like saying ' u never eat before in your life?' but i just went 'wow'. its suprising how we still cant line up huh, ' meluntur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya' people where are your manners? if the older generation are like that, don't you think the young ones will follow? that's life?, don't just say ' people are like that one 'lah'' ..try changing, please :)

raya without duit raya :), aha~


mana itu pringles? dalam beteung.aha~

p/s: kesian my dear sissy, didn't get to come down to melaka with us, she has trials for spm, come on lyn, semangat!!! :D

Monday, September 14, 2009

she's here~

she came,
n we went to tree house to eat,
we went to grande and jetset,
we went to paris van java,
all 6 of us in a red so called avanza..
thanks azfar!!
and welcome dirah and pris to Indonesia~

p/s : i love u~ haha..jk,its im thankful that everything went smooth yesterday, i hope today will be a much better one! :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

worried soul..

whats your first impression when i say 'i'm studying in indonesia?'

well , this post is not meant to be anyway disrespectful to any party, this is not a politically inclined blog but its just something i'm feeling since i came back for my second year studies..

im feeling afraid to study here..just save me! everywhere i walk i wonder whether people are watching me, whether they will do anything to me. even in broad day light i get stares from people..why?, its not those friendly stares, but the 'what are you doing here' stare. today, i went to a supermarket in jatinangor just to get some groceries, and there a man said m******a to me and smiled (the name of the lady who married a prince from malaysia, but it didn't end very well).. i was like shyeet! deep in my heart, and felt like running, then others heard and smiled sinisly too. there are also many more cases among the 2 countries..

but why do u blame us, students?

im really sorry for all the things that happened, i would never want them to happen.but no one has the power to stop it from happening, right? huhu..
if anyone out there reads my blog and can explain what is really happening, please do~ as this is only things that i read on the internet and what im feeling, i want to know the truth..what is going on? i want to hear your side of the story..please~
and before i end this post, i wanna say that i'm really happy that my uni gave me a chance to study dentistry~it was like fulfilling one of my dreams..:)

p/s: this is just an opinion of somesort..if you think its offending or one sided, im sorry and u can ignore it, thanks..

Monday, September 7, 2009

i need a ms. right, NANANA wee~

well from the title of this blog, u can roughly guess what im gonna write about :D

this post aka banner( i just found out i dont know how to do banners, sad) is for my dear friend , Dennis, who apparently is looking for his ms. right, which i agreed on helping him find. Well, the characteristics for his ms. right is in a tag on facebook called 'My kinda girl'. go check it out. Although his expectations are high :), i am certain someone out there will fill in that character perfectly, someone OUT THERE~~ so if you feel your the right one, please don't feel so free to call me, but call your mr. right in person! hehe..:)

Now, i end his banner with a hope that he finds his ms. right!! ( i hope your reading this, dennis as i'm trying my best too)

Now, back to me~~ classes went well, although i was so worried about today's dsp2 class on growth and development, the lecturer(dosen) suprisingly made me feel very pleased about the subject, although it is a tough one to handle..:)
currently, i'm thinking about tomorrow's lab class, where i am already behind time with my acrylic project, i have not gotten any marks for the first step! such a bummer..but perfection takes patience right? here i am being really really patience :)