Thursday, June 10, 2010

Health Promotion: Gigi sehat dan kuat!

im done with one week of evil exams..yes! evil! as it has not been treating me nice. huhu..AT ALL..*serious face* :( , i have one more week to go..hope that week will be much better ya..
orait, updates about penyuluhan ( dental education) we did for students in Sekolah Dasar Jalan Sayang. whole new experience for me.. teaching students in a language that is similar to BM but not the got me worried. i wouldn't want to be sending the wrong message to these young sweet kids. got what i mean? but fortunately everything went well and on schedule~ i would sooooo do it again. *excited*


the class made out of very clever and sweet students

brushing teeth together.*brush brush spit rinse*

preparation to check teeth

checking teeth.*debris index* opps mask dimana? haha.i still don't feel comfortable wearing mask when talking to a patient.feels funny..must get used to it soon.=)

the 5A class of SD Jalan Sayang

overall wonderful experience from preparing the flipchart with my groupmates till THE DAY..
p/s: will be back in July..exams be nice..