Thursday, August 11, 2011

in memories :)

'everything does not last forever'
01-08-2011 at around 2 am. grandma went to a much better place.
the grief and sadness i feel now can't be compared to what my dad feels. putting myself in his shoes feels like knives stabbing my whole body.
"i won't see her anymore" keeps running through my mind. no more trying hard to speak broken hokkien. no more helping ah ma walk through a crowded mcd, to the next house, to places. no more hearing ah ma talk about everybody enthusiastically (although i don't understand most of it). no more pushing away angpow full of money and saying 'mien lah' (no need). no more no more no more seeing her.
i take comfort in the fact that she is in a much better place now. no suffering. she lived her life cycle. take care :) <3

Friday, March 4, 2011


konapun! konapun! *say it while shouting*. sounds like a bad word? haha

i'm officially presenting a cute product from Japan. I guess i'm outdated as they already discontinued the production of this product. Well, its like your very own minature cooking kitchen and you get to cook something that looks incredible, no eating it of course.

I saw their videos on youtube. There are so many videos on konapun, there is one about making sushi or cookies and many more. check it out .:)

The amazing thing about this toy kitchen , is the food really looks like its cooking. the sizzling of food in oil, the expanding pizza or cookie dough. These small little details makes the product extra special

the product circles around 'mixing powder with water'. The final product looks as good or even better than edible food. check out their videos. :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pot Making :)

ever made a pot before? it seems there's a tradition, where if a pottery maker can't make a pot with a fitting lid, they can't get a wife. hah! lucky i'm a girl. :D
so here goes, the pottery sifu, standing beside me, with awesome skills made me feel a bit intimidated. but i did it! my very own pot. no lid! i did my very own version of a pot, if you get what i mean. it was one of a kind :P the guy even said it could be sold.

they gave me a huge clownish pants to wear. haha!

the sifu :) As you can see there's a manual spinner where you have to keep kicking for the spinner to work.

the art piece. i would not have the patience. *salute*

mummy didn't get to snap my masterpiece. but oh well, just imagine it as something awesome!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

El Shaddai Community Service

El Shaddai Creative Church had their free medical and dental treatment recently, at a secluded school somewhere in Lembang. and yours truly had the chance to borrow her energy.haha!
i got used to seeing dental treatments done on school chairs, sterilization of equipments using only alcohol, people of all types of problems crowding a small school. It wasn't a suprise, but the experience was different this time compared to being a "runner" in my batch community service or just checking the plaque index at a nearby school, i got to assist and watch. Assisting with the light( not qualified) BUT i had the best vip view ever. It was awesome. I would love to go again in 3 months time. thanks to Bel for the experience.
Sports day! Sports Day! It's here again. makes me wanna try out for some games. but I know my capability has never been the best. I can play most games, but being the best is a different story! :) Hope i get to find my forte soon.
p/s: i may look weak but i know whats happening :|

Thursday, February 3, 2011

My First Snow Experience

Its snowing. Oh emm gee. my first experience. It feels like a dream. didn't imagine it to feel so soft. the weather when its snowing isn't that cold. Suprising. I always thought it would be extremely cold when it snows. but its not true. hah!

trying to make my very own snowman. but mine became 2D instead of 3D. *practice needed*

spot the meow2 at my feet. that was my pet. it followed me everywhere. starting to love having a cat follow me. hehe. :)

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloooooonn

who said someone with a fear of heights can't fly. :)

getting the balloon ready

the pilot : Mike Green

a cave house

the awesome view :)

It is really cold at the beginning and the end. shivering down to the bones.
During the flight, there's fire burning just above your head so the temperature will be just nice.
If you're lucky, and the wind behaves. You get to fly into the valleys at a really low height. Viewing everything.
Btw, the pilot said when its summer, there will be around 50 to 60 balloons in the air. crazey. when we were up, there was only 5 balloons i guess. but the view was awesome.
Never miss it if you head to Cappadocia. (Company : Butterfly Balloons)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Cappadocia (Cappadocia Pide House)

Foooooooooooooood. First restaurant we tried when we reached! Cappadocia Pide House. Pottery Kebab, it comes with beef pieces, tomato and some other stuff. the taste was just nice, as i like food that are spicy and sour. i would recomend it. as it comes with a homemade flat bread, rice and salad. (btw, look at the pictures from the bottom up.:D)

the product!

the pot that they crack open, is thrown away after one serving

cracking the pot

Oven cooked bread


Rice cooked in chicken stock (a bit salty)

the restaurant!

p/s :
Time difference : 6hours, if it is 9.30am here, it is 3.30pm in Malaysia on the same day.
Currency : Turkish Lira or Euro ( most of them are still using Lira, 1 euro is 2 lira, normally.
Weather : Cooooold! 2degrees to 10 degrees. ( I look like a polar bear after wearing all the layers.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Istanbul (Day 1)

Flight MH 0030 ready for boarding!


At the airport heading to I to the L!


Merhaba! (hello)


Lots of planning has been done for this trip, im just tired now. BUT excited. i hope i have the energy to get going when we start. fast and furious! hah!
Btw, KLIA provides us with these really cool seats, really nice for sleeping. Sadly can't make use of it as i'm the 'watchguard' for the bags. i 'lurve' it.feel like putting chains on the bags and and chaining it to my ankle! *eyes barely open*

so we're taking a flight from Istanbul straight to Nevershir Airport as we're heading to Cappadocia first. To become cave people and live in a cave hotel! :)

Just pray i don't freeze.i will make a really unique ice sculpture, definitely!

Flying from Malaysia to Istanbul takes around 11hours plus and another 1 hour plus to Cappadocia by a domestic flight.

p/s: hope i will be able to keep this trip journal up for the whole 10days! :D

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Birthday 2011

do you ever ask yourself, if there is something more to your life? I do, quite often. but i'm learning to keep my extremely high expectations at bay, deciding when needed. as i found out sometimes planning tires me. *wipes invisible sweat*
Oh! I totally forgot about the studio photos 5 of us took on my birthday. long due photos. but i'm so proud of it. :) it makes all of us look good! btw, please don't expect me to look this good on a daily basis its the photoshop thingy trick.hehe! It only costs us about RM9 each! i wouldn't ask for a better price for a studio pic. ( Jonas Photos in Indonesia)

btw, im going overseas next week. yippieeee! clue: the place has the mosque below! & I to the L ..:D

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Where's my holiday?

my faculty is killing me. they wanna ruin my holidays by giving it to me BUT setting a date in the middle of it just for a (One) meeting. if i own airasia or a private jet, i wouldn't complain this much. i promise. but i don't, you see.
the worst part is my cravings for malaysian food has increased after reading food blogs for hours *over-salivating* if only i can cook that well. i think i would be able to get the dish looking like the pictures below~ but as for the taste. it may go both ways, being extremely nice, or not that nice.haha!
if you can courier the food to me, it would be great. forever grateful *crossed fingers* :P

stolen pics from google

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year 2011 :)

i missed it. it was 11:11 on 1.1.2011 a moment ago. but your dear friend woke up at 11.30 on 1.1.2011, nice job. although its a super cool number once in a year thingy, but what do u do when the time is like that for 1 minute. what? ok kinda blur here.
but its a brand new year. officially! went to watch fireworks on a roof of a hostel yesterday. since fireworks is allowed here. everyone is playing. except yours truly. :P.. because deep down she only likes to watch and not hold the stick thingy that shoots out fireworks. the view was awesome!
alright the new year is here. now what? *im scared*

p/s: end of january will be heading to a place I to L? where is it? u will see....