Thursday, January 15, 2009

she's coming

watch out people in Malaysia~
she's coming bac!
for the first time since august
her first mission
SCREAM at the runway in LCCT during touchdown
her second mission
JUMP up n down at the Luggage conveyor belt
third mission
BEAR hugs
fourth mission

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Year Baru 2009

its a whole new year all over again~ i hope itz a good one. currently stil having exams but wanted to slip in this post before the new year mood dissapears!
This year it was a little different, as i celebrated it far from home. At first, we had this boring idea to go to a shopping center (Jatinagor Square) nearby, i think i cant even call it a shopping center, try imagining GIANT. the place is lame. i have to admit though, that the stuff there are nice and cheap but the quality, DON ASK.

Guess wat! The planned failed. we went to Paris Van Java instead. Phew~ it was way cooler..we got lucky as we were headed to 'GIANT' for new year!~(ewww!) a wonderful green color vehicle called a taxi came by and was headed to Bandung. So, there we were not even thinking, hopped in the car. The whole 1 hour trip became a 2 hour trip but we reached before new year! hip hip hooray for the driver!


in Zenbu (and yes we have horns both types- on the head n in the bag)
p/s : i dont wanna say goodbye to anything but bye bye 2008!