Friday, February 22, 2013

Bandung treetop

I guess i have not been blogging for sometime. Was actually really busy with Oral Surgery department which lasted for 3 months. now i have sometime to spare for a short update about a place near Bandung, Indonesia called Bandung treetop. It was a last minute plan, but so glad i went for it, got my adrenalin rushing through my body. awesome feeling. :D. the name of the place says it all, treetop. it was like an obstacle course but high up on the trees. it was tiring actually, as you are holding on each and every obstacle,  with all the strength you have, so that you don't free fall down, but in reality, you will never fall, as you have the safety harness on. The obstacles were challenging yet fun involving flying fox, tarzan jump and many more.

5 of us ready with safety gear

Had lunch after a tiring day

ate sate kelinci aka rabbit satay :S

p/s: price Rp150000 for 2 hours.