Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Shirohige's Totoro Cream Puff Shop

I had the chance to visit Tokyo, Japan! For a week in 2015? YEAPS 2015! This is what procrastination does to someone, i am the living proof. ":)
So let me share my experiences in Japan. A lovely place to travel to.

Have you watched 'My Neighbour Totoro'? No? You should.. i really like it, even the other movies from Ghibli Studios are just as good. This is about an infamous super cute shop Shirohige's Totoro Cream Puff.
The location of this shop is a short walk from the train station Setagayadaita Station (Odakyu Odawara line). It was quite a distance from Tokyo city itself ,about a 30min train ride, but it was definitely worth the visit. Definitely!  Location. The shop opens everyday except Tuesday, unless Tuesday is a public holiday,then it will open, and close on Wednestday instead. Open from 10.30am till 7pm. Try to go early, the totoro cream puffs are hot items :) Find out more here.

The walk to to the shop! Once out from the train station Setagayadaita, Walk straight through a shaded walkway then turn right, walk till u see this road on your right, then turn right and walk straight.

This means you are nearby! continue walking straight..

and Tadaaa!

The bread bakery upstairs, where you can enjoy beverages with totoro cream puff


Bought 2 of the flavors (Rasberry & cream cheese, Custard and fresh cream) Cost 440 yen each, about RM18 each. 

After buying the totoro puffs we headed back to the train station, as the cafe was packed and had a really long waiting list, we couldn't wait to try them..ahh omnomnom :)  


it tasted real good, cute and yummy too!

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